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Here’s our first FABULOUS FIND.

Nestled off the coast of the Italian mainland, on the beautiful island of Sicily, you’ll find this stunning gem – the Gambino Winery. Perched on the side of Mt Etna, an active volcano overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the unique climate and soil conditions of this picturesque location provides the perfect setting for producing some of the world’s most exceptional wines.


Nero D’Avola, Sicilia

Well-balanced with a long finish. Makes a powerful first impression. Known for its intense ruby colour, this exquisitely bold fruit-driven red is warm and engaging to the senses. With its bold fruit flavours, robust tannin and acidity, Duvanera is the perfect wine to pair with everything from pasta alla norma and rich meaty meats to a big juicy burger! The Nero D’Avola grape is one of Sicily’s most commonly known and exported grapes. In fact, it’s one of Sicily’s most talked about and well-known wines! Harvested in the lower regions, this bright red grape is strongly reminiscent of blackberries. Rich and fragrant, the Nero D’Avola grapes create a dry, warm and full-bodied flavour.

$29.75 per bottle, Minimum order of 6 bottles (1 case)


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